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          FBI (TV Series 2018– ) Poster

          (2018– )

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          While is he YELLING!?
          kimra197625 October 2018
          Why is Jeremy Sisto yelling all the time! This show is ridiculous but since most offerings are, we'll most likely keep watching as my husband enjoys yelling back.??
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          Good cast+bad writing=total disappointment
          Stevencc26 September 2018
          I was really looking forward to seeing this show. I like police procedurals, especially federal law enforcement procedurals, plus I'm a fan of MIssy P from Rookie Blue. Unfortunately, the bad writing made the cast seem stilted and dull. Plus, some of the actual law enforcement procedures were implausible. What a waste of talent.
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          Started pretty shaky, but is much improved
          ninja-turtle23 November 2018
          I was ready to write this show off after 2 episodes, but I glad I didn't. Someone must have heard all of the negative comments (mostly between me and my wife) around Sela Ward's and Jeremy Sisto's characters and how everything they did and said was WAY over the top. Starting in episode 3 they dialed their acting way back and the dialogue became more realistic and their actions more convincing.

          I originally started watching this show because of Missy Peregrym (loved her in Reaper and Rookie Blue) and I really like the chemistry between agents Bell and Zidan, but after the firsts 2 episodes I didn't think it would last 1/2 a season. Now I really hope it has a long run.
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          Stop.. Listen..
          wushu222226 September 2018
          I have perused numerous reviews of this new show. Some have praised certain actors for their work, some have criticized its liberal bent, others have just simply bashed it as "boring and predictable' and a few been absolutely mesmerized by it. I realize that some folks love apples and others prefer oranges.. But honestly and this is just my opinion, its just bad TV. I just don't understand why any network would allow this to be put on air. I have seen worse no doubt, but this cookie cutter formulaic drivel has to be stopped.!
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          Wow. Shocking how bad this is. So disappointing!
          altereggo12312 November 2018
          I expect a certain amount of political correctness from a Dick Wolf show. In Law & Order, it was common for the initial suspect--a low level hood from the ghetto--to be innocent, with the ultimate criminal turning out to be a wealthy white executive/headmaster/philanthropist/politician/stereotypical elitist. By now, I expect any crime show on any network in the US and the UK to have ethnically diverse investigators reporting to a female commander. But as long as the plots make sense and the serious dialogue is leavened with humor, I can put up with all the calibrated political correctness. I've watched a lot of these shows over the years, notwithstanding their occasional triteness.

          This show is PC on steroids. It's is the first show I've ever seen in which MS-13 members are victims. There is a point where the political messaging just gets so tiresome and tendentious that it results in ridiculous plots, terrible dialogue, and total inauthenticity.

          I hoped this show would be entertaining even if it wasn't exactly Masterpiece-just ordinary, decent TV. Instead. it is so stupid that it's unwatchable. How could a show with its pedigree go so wrong?
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          After watching the Wall Street bombing episode I give up
          akiva-692483 March 2019
          Evidently every white male is misogynistic and evil. Another show that pushes an agenda instead of trying to entertain us. Just tired of it.
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          cobald26 September 2018
          Cliche to the max, pc to the max, and boring to the max.
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          Political beyond the limit
          sulthar-1529214 May 2019
          Why is it that every white male is either stupid or evil? The political message is not even tried to be hidden. Its annoying as hell.
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          FBI = Fatally Bad & Inexcusable
          norcaldad30 October 2018
          The two lead actors are stiff and unbelievable, beginning with the pilot episode. The strong but conflicted woman and the agent of color who just happens to be Muslim have been done before, and done better, and Sela Ward, whom I normally like, pretty much just phoned in her performance. It is amazing that this series got any episodes green lit. A second season would be enhanced torture on the viewers.
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          Can't even finish a season...total crap
          umwolves8 May 2019
          Missy P crying, literally, all the time. She is way to emotional. And why is Jeremy Sisto yelling all the time? I made it about 10 episodes...I can't do anymore. They have the exact same process each episode, and it isn't even like criminal minds where it is kinda interesting...I stop each episode 7 min from the end because that's the sappy emotional crap.

          This one sucked.
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          Jeremy Sisto
          bhoskins-176563 October 2018
          Could Jeremy not shout everything he says?!?! Seriously it is getting to be annoying! Thank you
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          ivanvr-8301323 January 2019
          When series start pushing political agenda over plot . The plot suffers and in most instances becomes real dumb story. Stick to script writing like clever plots. Forcing propaganda in just makes it very boring .
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          Could it possibly be worse
          dehdave26 September 2018
          Simply running along as just another boring and predictable police procedural then they started getting political. They just couldn't resist. I'm out of here, not wasting another minute on this inferior product.
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          chris608116 October 2019
          Apparently the ONLY crime in America is committed by white supremacist groups... laughable
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          mephistox200126 September 2018
          All the FBI characters were wooden, one dimensional and unconvincing. The "civilians" were somewhat better. It looked like it was going to be an interesting show; however, it was quite boring and rather pointless.
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          Kelly Moran
          kulthard15 January 2020
          It's funny this whole season I've been asking myself why do they keep bringing this guy back he is TERRIBLE! And now I read it trending here hes the Executive Producer's son! Makes total sense now guess that's how it works in Hollywood still its all about who you know or who your father is. I bet this guy says Do you know who my father is alot!
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          A Tale Of Two Seasons
          blueoysterdvp22 January 2020
          Some viewers leaving comments here appear to be watching Season 2 only. If you have CBS All Access that can be understandable since they DON'T carry S1. For $10 bucks a month it should be available. Just watching S2 can get confusing if you haven't seen the much better Season One minus the "Most Wanted" episode. That episode was the Pilot for "FBI: Most Wanted" and not very good. The First Season of FBI was more suspenseful with better writing and plots. The same could be said for the characters. Where's Ian Lim been lately played by James Chen? A much better character than what looks like his replacement Kelly Moran played by Taylor Anthony Miller. Not a good replacement so far. Hopefully Chen comes back. A big loss for the show. Sela Ward as Dana Mosier was leaving after Season One no matter what. A huge loss. Her replacement Alana De La Garza as Isobel Castile has been a hit or miss affair. Horrible in S2 E1 "Little Egypt", better in every show after. Still no Dana though. John Boyd as Stuart Scola has been bringing S2 down. Why his "Barney Fife" character hasn't been written off the show is a better mystery than some of the S2 plots. His new partner Emily Ryder played by Catherine Haena Kim has been solid so far. She has a future in acting. Why Kristen Chazel (Ebonee Noel) was taken out of the field as Scola's partner is baffling. Maybe due to the absence of Iam at headquarters? S2 is not S1 yet. It's not bad either, though uneven. Viewers that don't watch or like FBI are going to give those One Star ratings that don't make sense. If it's a bonafide 1 Star show it would've been yanked off the air after 5 shows. For those folks, don't watch this show. If you watch more than 3 episodes such a low Star rating doesn't make sense. Anyway, I hope FBI gets back to the S1 caliber of writing and acting. After that "Most Wanted" episode in S1 I saw a giant Red Flag. "Little Egypt" S2's first episode was another flag. Hopefully they continue for the better. Maggie and OA got me interested in FBI from the start. The acting chemistry is there. Now give them the surrounding plots and characters that made S1 so good CBS. Put S1 on All Access too while you're at it!
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          So much for Diversity LOL
          writersblockla19759 January 2020
          For a show that's all about Diversity it's pretty funny how this season they randomly introduced a Brand New Named Character: "Kelly Moran" played by Taylor Anthony Miller who isn't repped by anyone but somehow became a named recurring character in the blink of an eye. Oh wait! He shares the same last name with FBI Executive Producer Terry Miller! Oh I see now so daddy handed his son a nice recurring role on his show and going thru his imdb credits seems like this isn't the first time! So much for Diversity seems to be typical Hollywood White Privilege being born the right color and handed everything on a silver platter. No wonder he contributes nothing to the show and has so much screen time and is in every episode. While actors of color struggle to make it in Hollywood, White Privilege hands out roles to its people or sons in this case. SMH
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          Horrible Casting/PC to the core
          garywbaker-428822 November 2018
          After watching the first episode along with half of the second, I must say this one thing...HORRIBLE! The casting, with the exception a JS, sucks. The far left type feel that this show has given off is enough to make me want to vomit. These two things will not have me tuning in anymore.
          28 out of 40 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.
          Epic Fail
          sylvesterfox5 December 2018
          Poor writing, basically. First episode involved Ukranian immigrants in a prostitution ring - where they each referred to each other as from "the Ukraine" - in a bad accent. Ukrainians are from Ukraine, not "the" Ukraine. Obvious grammatical errors. This week's episode had one agent confronting 6-7 members of a drug cartel while partner sat in his car - with no calls for backup. Not realistic whatsoever.
          32 out of 47 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.
          Why does everything have to be political?
          drink_drive_kill28 September 2018
          Warning: Spoilers
          I was into this show until they decided to shove politics down my throat. I'm tired of the "look how crazy these alt-right guys are" narrative. Can we leave politics out of sitcoms yet? I get it, Trump is intense and a lot of people hate him, can I get back to watching television?
          75 out of 124 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.
          Interesting show
          ladyseraphine24 October 2018
          We have watched several episodes now and I think for an opening season it is not bad. Still developing story line and characters. I hope you don't cancel. Give it a chance.
          50 out of 80 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.
          Total political bs!
          alexgalanis14 October 2019
          The amount of left wing propaganda in this show is absolutely ridiculous.
          19 out of 27 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.
          Enough with the politics!
          inspector-889-95584223 January 2019
          Geez, if I want to watch a bunch of political garbage, I have access to the View, Colbert, Real Time with Bill Mahr, any late night show, most day time shows and the evening news.

          Not all people are as you portray them in this completely made up FBI series. Also, Zeeko Zaki's character has issue that I pray to God are not indicative of the real FBI. But with Comey,,,,who knows?
          35 out of 54 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.
          Gritty Crime Drama
          joedromgoole27 September 2018
          I found this show to be highly entertaining. Of course all TV is far-fetched, but the comments on here by the alt-right are hysterical with their low ratings. It's actually a real good show with solid acting and, yes, God forbid, a mix of diversity. Do not listen to the conservative hate and watch this show ??
          68 out of 112 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.
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